December 2014

Tuesday 12/30/2014

1.Fitness testing 400m ball run ME pullups ME pushup ME in :60 situps Tabatta air squats Scoring lowest round 2.Emomx15 Min 1: 15 bj step down 24/20 Min 2: 30 du’s Min 3: 10 K2E

Saturday 12/27/2014

Reminder GSCF Holiday party tonight! Come celebrate with us. Spouses and friends welcome. Club ManchVegas starting at 6 30pm. Teams of 2 2k row 50 straight leg raises from rack 2k row 50 strict pullups 2k row Switch every 500m, before athlete starts rowing they must complete 5 lateral burpees over the rower

Friday 12/26/2014

Reminder we only have 9AM and Noon today. A. Dead lifts work up to a 5rm B. Amrapx12 12 deads 115/85 9 push press 115/85 6 box jumps C. 3 sets Max effort v-ups rest 1 min