Competitive WOD

Tuesday 12/8/15 (Comp)

OLY Clean from Blocks 65%x3, 70%x2, 75%x2x3 Strength Back Squat: 6×6 @70 increase from last week Snatch RDL: Go as low as possible with perfect form. Focus on loading hamstrings. 3×10 across MetCon 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 For Time: Double Unders Airbike Calories

Tuesday 12/2/15 (Comp)

COMP Strength OTMx6 3 OHS Increase each set starting at 60% moving up by 5% Gymnastics 8 min amrap 10 Handstand Pushups biggest deficit that can be handled 20 Hollow Rocks L sit  :30 Metcon 1) For Time: Row 800 50 KB swings 53/35 Airdyne 100 Calories 2) AMRAP 8: 50 Unbroken Double Unders

Tuesday 12/1/15 (Comp)

COMP OLY Hang Clean + Jerk to heavy single, then 95%x1, 90%x(2+1), 85%x(2+1)x3 Strength 1)  Back Squat 70% 6×6 2) Romanian Deadlift 3×10 heaviest across Metcon 3 Rounds For Time: 7 Muscle-Ups 30 Overhead Walking Lunge, 115#/75#

Monday 11/30/15 (Comp)

Comp Oly Power Snatch 80% AMRAP 3:00 x2 Rest 5 minutes between sets Strength push press work to heavy 3 then 2×3@90% Gymnastic EMOMx10 2 leg less rope climbs MetCon For time 40 box jump overs 24/20 400m run 30TTb 400M run 20 HSPU 400M run


First WOD- The first one I remember was Filthy Fifty.  The most vivid memory of my beginning was during elements when I couldn’t even do a burpee and Matt had to break it down into push ups and mt climbers.   Short term goal-  Lose body fat and gain strength in my core for body weight …

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