Wednesday April 12, 2017

Strength: Deadlift 8×3 @90%   Conditioning: 3 Rounds 18/16 Cal on Bike 18 Chin-ups 18 DB Snatches 50/35     Competitors: A. Class B. Barbell Bent over row 3×5 @80% C. Snatch and Clean & Jerk – 2@60%, 2@70%, 3@75%, 1@80%, 2@83% D. Wrist 3-way, ankle 3-way 3×20

Monday March 20, 2017

In-House Competition this Saturday! Heats and teams will be announced soon. Strength: Pull up 5×3 w/6 second eccentric, (weighted pull-up for those that can)   Conditioning: 3 rounds 10 ring dips 20 push ups 30 Empty barbell seated L-press   Post Class: Accessory: Tabata GHD sit-ups or sit-ups Weightlifting: build up to 3 full Snatches …

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Welcome Angela!!

It’s been a long couple of months for this young lady to say she is ready!   She is so excited to be in class. She crushed her goal for “fight give bad” she tightened and toned up and feels great! I am so excited to have her part of the community!!

Welcome Karl!!!

Everyone welcome Karl. Karl made awesome progress throuout foundations. He is a very dedicated student. Devoting a lot of practice of the basics at home and it showed. He crushed his pull up re test and made “Fight Gone Bad” look easy, scoring a huge 247!!!!   Looking forward to see how he continues to …

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