January 2015

Saturday 1/31/2015

Reminder 8am class 9am Nutrition GSCF 90 day challenge kick off. ****there will be no testing/weighing or measuring for challenge today. All will be completed this up coming week. Workout: Stations… Teams of 2 (5 Min at ea Station) x2 Station 1: 20 Box Jumps 20/24 Hammer Swings on tire Station 2: Row 10 Cal …

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Thursday 1/29/2015

Team Air Dyne Challenge Two Teams 20 sec each…accumulate as many calories as you can in 15 min Winning Team gets bragging rights for day… Class challenge as well! Then 5×5 Pull Ups…No bands…use hangs, lat pulls, negatives, kb rows, bar rows….make them work! Finish… EMOM 10 Min Leg Swings (1-2) Push Ups -3 Tricep …

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Wednesday 1/28/2015

Strength 24 min Squat A. Back Squat 3×5 @70% B.Bulgarian Split Squats/ Half Kneeling 3×10 Deadlift A. 1×5 (warm up and complete one heavy set of 5) B. KB Deadlifts 3×10 Workout: 7min AMRAP 10 Thrusters 95/65 KB Thruster or Push Press with KB 30 DU or 90 Singles Pull Ups—progressions 5×5

Monday 1/26/2015

This is week 1 of 6 with Coach Josh programming. What to expect: 1.You will see a lot of classic strength with squats and presses but volume and weight will be moderate for maintenance purposes coming off of Coach Bailey’s heavier 6 weeks. 2. You will see a lot more uni-lateral vs. bi-lateral (single arm …

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Saturday 1/24/2015

Teams of 2 80 cal row while partner dead hangs from pull-up bar 40 squat snatch 95/65 while partner holds wall ball over head 20/14 80 walking lunges while partner holds leg lift above wall ball 40 ring dips while partner holds wall sit 80 leap frogs (yes leap frogs!)