Monday 1/26/2015


This is week 1 of 6 with Coach Josh programming.

What to expect:
1.You will see a lot of classic strength with squats and presses but volume and weight will be moderate for maintenance purposes coming off of Coach Bailey’s heavier 6 weeks.
2. You will see a lot more uni-lateral vs. bi-lateral (single arm kb swings vs the norm etc..) and more agility training focusing on moving in the frontal plane and transverse plane vs the common movements we are used to programming in the sagittal plane.
at its simplest definitions.
Sagittal = forward or backward
Frontal = side to side (definitely confusing)
Transverse = rotational
3. More scaling options for those struggling with mobility etc…
4. But you will still see a lot of your ass kicking metcons focused on threshold. Especially because the Fitness Open is right around the corner.
Any questions please ask.
Coach Matt

Strength: 24 min
A. Front Squat 3×5 @ 70%
B. Goblet Squat (Close Feet) 3×10
A. Strict Press 3×5
B. Half Kneeling Press 3×10
Option A. those who have no problems with the mobility of the squat or press
Option B. Scaling options for those who do have mobility issues.
(Coaches will review options in class and help direct)

Conditioning 12 Min
30 Seconds on 30 Seconds off x 3 (stager movements if needed)
Box Jumps or Box Step ups w/ jump
Man Maker Rows
Single Leg RDL
Weighted Sit ups

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