October 2016

Monday 10/31/16

Happy Halloween!!! A. Back Squat 15 minutes to find max back squat to box then take 80% emomx6 3 back squats (no box)   B. Accessory Work 1) 3x 15 GHD back extensions (or seated good mornings) 2) 3×6 turkish get ups 3) 3×30 wallball core twist throws  

Friday 10/28/16

Halloween Party Tonight!! Pot luck style snack and drinks, bring your favorites to share! Activities to start around 7pm   AMRAP 15 5 pull-ups 5 power snatches 115/75 10 wallballs 20/14

Thursday 10/27/16

  Skill/goat day! EMOM x20 (i.e gymnastics, Olympic lifting, mobility, interval training) Cardio Challenge for the day!! Row 600mx2 :30 rest between rest 1 min 500mx2 :30 rest rest 1 min 400mx2 :30 rest rest 1 min 300mx2  

Wednesday 10/26/16

Announcements: Halloween Spooktacular THIS Friday at 630pm!!!   15 min to find 1RM Front Squat, then with 50-60% of your 1RM complete, 5 RFT 5 front squats 4 Cleans 3 shoulder to overhead

Tuesday 10/25/16

A.Deadlift- work up to 5rm +2×5 @90% B.EMOM x12 odd: :45 plank hold (weighted if possible) even: 100m sled sprint  

Monday 10/24/16

Announcement: Halloween Spooktacular this Friday the 28th, 630pm!!   WOD: 50-40-30-20-10 calories on bike 10-20-30-40-50¬†Empty bar thrusters

Friday 10/21/16

Oct 28th Halloween Spooktacular!! 630pm, all friends and family are welcome!   A. Split/Push Jerk; build to heavy 3 (choose your weaker lift) B. “Nancy” 5 RFT 400m run 15 overhead squats (95/65)

Wednesday 10/19/16

Check out our new blog! https://granitestatefitness.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/what-the-hell-is-happening/   4 Rounds for Time 800m row 25 power cleans 135/95 25 sit-ups

Tuesday 10/18/16

  Strength Back Squat; build to 3rm with 3 second hold in the bottom (no bounce) +2×3 at 90%   Conditioning “Fran”

Monday 10/17/16

  “Elephant” Lift 7000 pounds above your head with your choice of¬†barbell, KB, dumbbell, plates, medicine ball. Examples: 72# KB would be 97 swings or empty barbell would be 155 STOH