Month: November 2012

Saturday 12/1/2012

1. OTM 15 minutes snatch complex (moderate weight) Complete the series on the minute of: high hang squat snatch hang squat snatch snatch 2. Double alternating tabata band pull aparts floor presses (95/65)

Friday 11/29/2012

In support of the NH Foodbank we will be doing Fran ladder style. We will add the total number of rounds that each athlete reaches all day tomorrow and equate that to pounds. Example: 50 athletes WOD tomorrow each reaches at least 12 rounds. 50 x 12= 600. From that point with the help of …

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Thursday 11/29/2012

1. CF Games open WOD 12.1 7 min AMRAP Burpees “You are not playing with a full deck” 2. Deck of ABs! spades= sit ups clubs= mt climbers hearts= plank jacks diamonds= tuck jumps Jokers= wild

Monday 11/26/2012

1. Warmup Partner Kb swings/sprints Each will alternate performing 10 Kb swings 1 sprint 2. Work up to 1rm front squats 3. 3x 6-8 reps sumo deads 4. “Karen” 150 wall ball shots for time

Saturday 11/24/2012

“Spit Shine, now that is clean” 1. 5×2 cleans from blocks Increase weight every set. Focus on the hip drive and exploding from the start. 2. 5×2 squat cleans from high hang Increase weight every set. High hang is from just below pockets. Focus on dropping with minimal dip. 3. “Chief” 5, 3 minute AMRAP …

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Friday 11/23/2012

Remember we only have class today at 9am and 10am. Thanksgiving Hangover Cure! “Fight Gone Bad” 3 five minute rounds of: wall ball(20/14) calorie row S.D.H.P push presses (75/55) Box Jumps You only get one minute rest between rounds. We score total reps