March 2016

Tuesday 3/29/2016

Conditioning 3 RFT 15 power cleans 155/105 20 pistols alt leg 15 hspu Extra work (Oly Lift) Power clean 3 TNG build to heavy set

Welcome Ian!

Let’s all welcome my New recruit Ian. Ian came to me from our friend Robert (Pumba) . This hockey nut Wants to get himself ready for the next season. Time to have some fun, say hi when you see him.    

Saturday 3/26/2016

Teams of 2 80 bar over burpee 30 snatches 135/95 60 bar over burpee 20 snatches 155/105 40 bar over burpee 10 snatches 185/130 Extra work B. Bench 3-3-3-3-3 C. Bent over row 3-3-3-3-3

Welcome Jeff!

  Three cheers for this guy! Jeffrey Humphrey made it through foundations with lots of sore muscles but huge gains. Jeff doesn’t love to workout, but being a paramedic and fire fighter he understands how important it is to maintain his health and fitness. His wife Jessica recently joined classes and is kicking ass, so …

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Welcome Kavan!

  Let’s all welcome Kavan!  This young lad is a friend of Nate’s who recently joined as well.  He learned everything very quickly and will be a ton of fun to have around the box. He will be attending the afternoon classes!  Say hi and give a classic high five!  Welcome buddy!