Friends and Family Special!


Hey all you lovely members,

We all know that you have a friend or two you have asked, annoyed or even has now unfriended you because you are dying for them to join here!

They have the common excuse of it is too expensive or too scary or intense for me!  Am I right?  We heard them all!  Of course you know that it’s worth it and not scary!  However, you still can’t get them to commit to coming in.

Well we want to help you out and of course that will help us out!!

Starting April 1st and ending May 15th

2 for 1 Foundations Program.  So if you have a friend that would like to join we can either pair them with someone else in the same hour or if you have two friends they can split the cost of the foundational persoal training sessions!
(Must workout in the same hour)

The other way you can help get a friend in here is any current member that has never gone through our foundational program (any member that dates July 2013 or later) or any member that would just like a refresher with all of there skills can split the cost with a new member.


To show them just how non-scary it is Saturday April 16th will be Bring a Friend Day to come workout with you!  We will post more details about this day in the upcoming weeks. 

Any questions please ask!!! We look forward to meeting any new friends and family!!!!!