First WOD-
The first one I remember was Filthy Fifty.  The most vivid memory of my beginning was during elements when I couldn’t even do a burpee and Matt had to break it down into push ups and mt climbers.  

Short term goal- 
Lose body fat and gain strength in my core for body weight movements.

Long term goal- 
Continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Interesting Fact-
Usually when I scowl or look pissed I’m just concentrating or thinking!  Unless someone is making me do burpees, then I’m pissed!

Class attended-
Usually 4:30 or 5:30.

I enjoy how I feel after working out- that “it hurts so good” feeling.  I continue to feel better physically.  But ultimately it’s the people.  I love the relationships I’ve had the pleasure of making.

How long doing crossfit?
I started in July of 2012.

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