Tuesday 06/11/2013



1. Tabata bottom to bottom squats.
20 seconds of work time followed by 10 seconds of rest. The bottom to bottom squat will start in the down position and end in the down position. You will rest in the bottom of the squat.

2.1 mile run

Kathy Bates meets the banded bully! (click here)

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  • Carla

    Well solve those ankle problems, no sweat!

  • Angela

    Tabata squats – at least 10 per round, but I didn’t count 🙁

    10:08 Mile with 2 800 meter loops – best time so far. Back in the fall we timed a mile and I was at 11:13 (same loop). YAY for shaving a minute of time!

  • Rod

    Tabata between 12 to 8 a round didn’t keep track. Yesterday’s workout raised its ugly head my thighs were on fire.
    Mile was 9:10 so my treadmill said.

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