Thursday 12/20/2012

Make up day.

You can pick any WOD this week that you missed and make it up. If were here all three days we can use it as a goat day or a rest day.

1 thought on “Thursday 12/20/2012”

  1. Cardio WOD, also to ascertain my recovery ability – 4 rounds of 10 box jumps (20″) and a 400m run. Rest three minutes between each round. Try to improve or maintain time.

    Round 1 – 3:42
    Round 2 – 3:30
    Round 3 – 3:18
    Round 4 – 3:07

    What I learned: my ankle is still a biatch when it comes to running. But I am also a sandbagger. Need to learn how to push myself more and fear my limits less!

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