Thursday 07/11/2013


Skills day.

In eight minutes climb as high as possible, adding 1 rep to each movement each round.
Snatch high hang
snatch hang
snatch full

60% of 1RM
Round 1 would be 1SHH+1SH+1FS Round 2 would be 2SHH+2SH+2FS. Rnd 3 would be 3 of each and so on.

3. Goat Training
Pick TWO of the following, based on greatest weakness…
A. Overhead Strength Endurance
5 RFT: 15 unbroken Push Press, 60% of 1RM if that weight is really easy by round 3 increase slightly.

B. Overhead Squats
5 x 3 reps, 95/65 ( perfection is what we are after, pause in the bottom if you need to etc..)

C. Ring Dips
60 reps for time

D. Rope Climbs
10 x Rope Climbs for time

E.100 pull ups for time

F: Toes To Bar
10 RFT: x 6 unbroken reps

2 thoughts on “Thursday 07/11/2013”

  1. Well that was a lot harder than I thought

    Round 1 – Snatches
    @53lbs 4th round fail and my form was starting to go asunder with the first high hang snatch, I stopped dropped under the weight

    Round 2 – Why the hell did I think 65 push presses would be easy?
    2 sets of 15 @65 lbs unbroken
    3rd set @ 65 had to drop at rep 8 and then finish the set
    last 2 sets @ 55 lbs unbroken

    My arms are going to fall off

    Round 3 – Double unders…always double unders

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