Know How Much Water You Need?


Max Wunderle of Fitness Endurance talks hydration (click here)

So Max makes a couple of really great statements in this clip:

Half your BW (pounds) in ounces of water. I LIKE this equation. Why? It works, it’s EASY, and it’s not overboard. So, for me, 170lbs BW * 0.5 = 85 ounces.

Is that a lot? Might be more than YOU are used to drinking, but let’s make a clear distinction on WHAT. I’m fairly sure Max is talking straight H20, but I’m of the mindset that total body hydration comes from total fluid intake—be it from water or your coffee in the morning. Worth trying to calculate? Nope. So just calculate your water intake. Remember this is before training.

Training = 16-20 ounces per HOUR. At 20ounces, that’s 500ml. Half a liter? Are you f*cking kidding me? Um, no, I’m not. Ever actually track how much you drain right after a killer workout? I’m betting it’s more than you think. Since most Crossfit workouts entail a max of one hour(warmup, instruction, workout, peel yourself off the floor) start to finish, adding an extra 500ml is no big deal.

Here is a nice little urine chart to go by too! Your pee should not be fluorescent green! lol


I challenge you all to start drinking more water.

2 thoughts on “Know How Much Water You Need?”

  1. Dayne Johnston

    I consume 80 ounces before I even leave work most days and then another 40 ounces after work. 20 ounces during the workout normally, then another 20 when I get home with dinner.

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