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Tara Dean


First Crossfit wod I remember? I don’t remember actual full workouts from early on but I do remember how much pain I felt in my legs after first doing wallballs and incredible fear of boxjumps.
Short term / long term goal? Short term would be to continue to work on my form for lifting. I don’t necessary have a weight goal as much as I would like to get the form right. I know I have to work on improving my eating habits. Being an older member, my Long term is to continue with Crossfit for as long as possible. I have always worked out to some degree my entire adult life, but have not seen the results I get from Crossfit.
Interesting fact about myself? I love to garden, have several flower beds in my yard.
Class normally attend – noon
Your motivation to come to gym? Initial motivation is to stay fit. The group from work that I go with is a big part. There are five of us. We do not all make it every day but we do push each other to go…
How long I’ve been doing Crossfit ? Little over 2 years, started in March 2013

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