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Lisa Thalhamer


First wod I remember: One thing I like most about Fitness is the variety from day to day, so typically I only remember the workout long enough to get through it, and then I forget it! The only one I’ve ever quit on was the Dirty 30 in foundations when I missed on a box jump and banged up my shins.

Short term goal: Stringing together my double unders

Long term goal: Unassisted pullups

Interesting fact: I grew up in the Philadelphia area, so I’m a suffering Eagles fan

Normal class: 9 a.m.

Motivation: I really like the variety in the workouts and having a scheduled appointment that I can’t put off, but mostly I come for the people. It’s so much more fun to workout (and suffer) when other people are in it with you.

How long I have been doing Fitness: I started foundations in July of last year, so I’ve been with GSCF and Fitness for 10 months.

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