Sean and Kirby

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Let’s hear it for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bonnell! These love birds are going to be hitched this Saturday, 5/16. If you see them make sure to say congratulations!

Sean and Kirby Bonnell
First wod remembered?

Sean: CalSue…… this was the capstone to our rugby preseason training and the beginning of my crossfit journey. I remember wanting to quit or die, but i kept going till the time cap because of the support of my fellow crossfitters. That’s when I knew that this was for me and I was going to work at it consistently and never give up.

Kirby: Murph is the first name workout I remember but there was so many slam ball cleans to be remembered!

Short term goal:
Kirby: unassisted pull ups ! 
Sean: muscle ups, I’m coming for you!

Long term goal: Kirby: all workouts at RX level with 8min mile runs,:) so super fit!

Sean: games qualified fitness level and abs like Bailey hah!

Interesting fact: 
Kirby: I’ve worked for myself full time, owning my own business since I was 21, also Sean and I met when I rugby tackled him because he wouldnt fight me 😉 I was wearing 4″ heels 😉

Sean: I had open heart surgery and have never let that stop me from my goals. Remove your excuses and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! 

Normal class: 4:30-6:30


Kirby: crossfit motivates me to be the strongest version of myself and has taught me truly that strong is way sexier than skinny! 

Sean: crossfit has gamifyied fitness for me. In pushing myself to be better at the wods, functional movements and skills I can learn to help others do the same.

How long I have been doing Fitness:
Kirby: since April of 2013, before that I played rugby and ran..a lot.

Sean: since 2013 before that I had to disable the lunk alarm…

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