Attention GSCF

As we get busier and classes are starting to fill up,there is a need for more structure to our classes. So with that said you will see the following format, which is not different from before but it will be practiced with a lot more virtuosity by myself and the coaches. What is going to be required from you is your full undivided attention. There is only one coach talking or two if needed for the class. All instruction will be provided by the coach and the coach only. Don’t let this be confused with providing encouragement. That is always welcome of course.

here is the format:

1. Individual general warm up (run, row, jump rope etc.) 1-5 minutes

2. Coach led group warm up ( will vary depending on the WOD) 5-10 minutes

3. WOD instruction (given by the coach only) 2-5 minutes

4. set up (coach tells you when this begins)

5. WOD. (Beast mode time)

6. When you are done the WOD you are off to the side stretching and or supporting those who are still exercising. Please not on the floor. The coach is the only one on the floor coaching.

If you have any questions let me or the other coaches know.

Thank you,


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