March Madness Friends and Family Week March 4th-9th


A week in the life of a Fitnesster!

Am Go to work and talk about today’s WOD that you can not wait to crush later on.

Noon Youtube the exercises posted in today’s WOD as well as various other random Fitness videos that get you pumped!Email them to your co workers and tell them to “check this out”!

Pm Go to Fitness, Crush a WOD, Go home and talk about Fitness

Saturday Call up a buddy, grab a few beers, talk about Fitness!

Sunday Go over your parents house for dinner. Talk about Fitness!

Sound familiar??

Well it is time to stop talking about it and invite all that you talk to about this to try it for themselves!

March 4th through 9th GSCF is free for all of your friends and family! The entire week they can come in and work out!

Saturday March 9th from 10-1 will be a combination of events planned for the entire family. Kids as well!!

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