What Did You Eat Today?


How well did you fuel your Ferrari today?

Post to comments.

This will be an ongoing blog everyday. I am going to add links etc. to help you out. To start be honest and put down what you ate. I am going to do this too!

Here we go…..

4 thoughts on “What Did You Eat Today?”

  1. 7am Meal 1: one scoop whey protein with 1 banana and 1 scoop of PB.

    10 30am Meal 2: 2 eggs 4 egg whites 1 cup mixed fruit. 3 slices bacon.

    2 30pm Meal 3: 2 chicken sausage 2 apples and almond butter.

  2. Well since I want to be a Ferrari but am more of a Toyota Corolla, here it goes …

    Note: I did not measure, weigh, or count anything today. Will fix that.

    5:30AM – eggs + a red potato (I know, the paleo gods are going to smite me).

    7:30AM – black coffee.

    12:30PM – salad (spinach, tomato, celery, onion, carrot) + chicken and avocado. Apple.

    5:30PM – whey protein after WOD.

    8:30PM – chicken, green beans,tomato sauce (paleo friendly, because OMG I love tomato sauce). Frozen mango chunks for dessert. (So good.)

    Etc. – a lot of water.

  3. morning i eat 4 eggs and either half or a whole thomas blueberry bagel with peanut butter (skippy 🙂 ) with a tall glass of milk

    snack i usually grab 2 bananas and a green apple along with 2 scoops of when protein mixed with water

    my bad part is my large mocha caramel extra cream extra liquid sugar

    get to work will usually have tuna pocket with romain lettuce lite ceasar dressing and either a double grilled chicken breast (4-5oz pieces) lettuce, mayo, onions raw or sauteed.

    get home evening/late night and have 8-10oz piece of chicken pan seared with broc, and sweet potato, more milk. then my weak point of pop tarts and wheat thins, sometimes another bagel with peanut butter, more milk.

    tons of water through out the day. about a gallon a day, and about a gallon of red cap (fat kid milk) whole milk every other. mix in some bowls or cereal from time to time when im lazy.

    so pretty much a eat bad. but i feel its kinda good. could be better could be a lot worse i feel. seems to be doing ok for me.

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