Tuesday 04/09/2013






Test day #2

Oly lift test

1. Work up to a 1RM Clean and Jerk

Metcon test


30 clean and jerks (135/95)

for time

14 thoughts on “Tuesday 04/09/2013”

  1. Oly lift: 85 lbs (PR!)
    Grace: 4:15(?) at 65 lbs. [my form was the best it’s been – it’s the little things]

    Also, where is Kevin? The 6 am crew misses Kevin.

  2. Oly lift: 160lbs – (PR) This was my first time
    Grace: 115 (not sure on time)

    13th Rep was my breaking point – hacked through five at a time till 30. Still need to work on form.

  3. Clean and jerk – 145# (not a PR but only the second time ever lifting that weight, so I will take it!)

    Grace – RX’d – 2:27 (literally failed on the 30th rep, so yep, found failure! ;))

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