Thursday 06/20/2013

22 weeks pregnant and still kicking ass!
22 weeks pregnant and still kicking ass!

Goat day
OTM x 20

Even goat 1
Odd goat 2

3 thoughts on “Thursday 06/20/2013”

  1. Practice DU’s and K2E, I’m about 2 inches away from knee hitting my elbows, need to be more aggressive with my hollow rock

    0 DU’s, from now on I’m practicing at least 5 mins a day.. that’s it, I’m getting a freakin DU!

  2. Front Squats @75 for strenght

    Kipping HSPU – got 2 out of all my attempts. focused on not slamming my head into the mat and then kipping.

  3. 3 mile run for lunch
    Then pistols on a stack of 4 45s and one 25 (left leg better then right damn tight calfs guess I better smash em)
    And hspu to a single mat got 5 in a row.

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