Thursday 05/09/2013



Same format as last week! See you tomorrow!!!

4 thoughts on “Thursday 05/09/2013”

  1. Olympic Lift Goat

    Round 1:
    Front squats – got up to 135lbs!

    Round 2:
    6 minutes EMOM – 2 clean & jerks @ 75 lbs [did several more to work on form]

  2. Round 1:
    200 M row and hpu. completed 10 rounds, 2.5 more rounds than last week. Did hpu with band.

    Round 2:
    pull ups – 40 pull ups with smallest band.

  3. Olympic Lift: Goat

    Round 1:
    Front squats – worked up to 225lbs

    Round 2:
    6 minutes EMOM – 2 clean & jerks @ 105 lbs. Worked on the catch/squat.

  4. Worked on running 150 every other minute, really worked on speed and getting in at the minute mark, I kept it mostly consistent until the last 6-7 minutes and I was running shorter distances and not quite making the minute.

    Wall walks – got my belly flat against the wall every time, will work on bending my arms. Hopefully next week I won’t have wet shoes making the wall walks harder.

    Part 2:

    75 pull -ups green band – 8:09 (my arms are killing from Monday) was trying to string together 10 at a time. Got up to 30 doing that and then I had to do in sets of 5.

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