Thursday 05/02/2013

Goat day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have options for you this time!

See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Thursday 05/02/2013”

  1. Olympic Lift Goat

    Round 1:
    3×3 front squats @ 95lbs
    OHS – flexibility and form [i.e., just used a bar]

    Round 2:
    6 minutes EMOM – 2 clean & jerks @ 65 lbs]
    6 minutes EMOM – 2 squat snatches w/ empty training bar [going for form and flexibility]

  2. So I suck at running, but this is my main goat.

    Running 200 meters 1 min
    1 wall walk (practice for handstand push-ups)

    I got my 1 wall walk, I’m aiming to get faster but I took about a 1.5 mins to run and had to scale back the run after round 2 to even make the time. I did try to run the entire time and I made it to the first sign on the hill. Need to get better…. 🙁

    Ran out of time but I did 75 pull-ups in 7:30 and on the green band, I wanted to work on form and pulling myself each time. I think I can switch to the purple band next time.

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