Monday April 3, 2017


New training cycle begins this week as we prep for the 2018 Opens!

For those of you interested in becoming competitive with this sport, there will be additional programming added each day. If you would like more information or explanations on the programming just ask one of the Coaches. We are here to help you take your fitness to the next level!



20 minutes to build to max Deadlift (Record your number!)


2 rounds for Time

12 cals on bike

12 slam balls 20/15

12 ring dips

12 GHD Russian twists with slam ball

-Push hard during this workout. Keep that intensity up! Be wise about your scaling, choose a more challenging scale for dips, try banded dips then move to box dips if need be.



Class Work and then post Class;

A. 5×2 Clean pulls ascending in weight; starting at 95% of 1rm squat clean

B. 5×2 Hang squat snatch @ 60-80%, ascending in weight each set if form is good and the weight feels light.

C. Gymnastics: Wrist 3-way 4×15

D. Track: 20-30 minute jog; focusing on form, posture, and arm movement

E. Recovery: Athlete specific