Monday 07/15/2013


CFNE’s Open test
courtesy of Ben Bergeron
20 minute amrap
50 wallball 20/14
50 double unders
40 box jumps 24/20
40 ttb
30 burpees
30 c2b
20 power cleans 145/100
20 jerks ” ”
10 snatches ” ”
10 muscle ups

The reason I love this WOD is because it is a perfect Fitness Games open style WOD. Going through the WOD you immediately find some weaknesses you will have to work on to perform well for the next CF open season. It is also a good way to test different thresholds on when to take planned rest and strategies for getting the best score possible.

Thanks Ben.

4 thoughts on “Monday 07/15/2013”

  1. 245. Right about where I expected to get. The weight wasn’t hard, but definitely need to get a better engine so I can power through all those bodyweight movements faster! I want to be able to complete that workout in 20 minutes by the end of the year.

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