Monday 07/01/2013


1. snatch
work up to heaviest possible

2. clean and jerk
work up to heaviest possible

5 thoughts on “Monday 07/01/2013”

  1. Dayne Johnston

    Snatch – 65#. Right shoulder was pretty sore and there was some pain with holding the weight overhead initially however once I warmed up it felt pretty awesome. As soon as I really focused on using the bar to push myself under it, my form became a lot more stable and it was awesome.

    Honestly 65# isn’t much for the snatch, but being someone who has struggled with the OHS for so long, I’m really proud of it and that I felt solid doing it three times.

    CJ – 5×3 @ 155# I did all of these as touch and go without letting the bar rest on the ground. I attempted 165#, but couldn’t keep the touch and go with that weight so scaled back down to complete my 5 sets.

  2. Snatch – 45-55-65-75-85
    CJ – 95-105-115-120- Practice high hang clean and squatting under the bar at 80lbs

    Need to drop ….still

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