Monday 04/29/2013


1×20 Front squats
unbroken. Add 5 to 10lbs to your last weight if you got all 20. Stay with the same weight if you did not make all 20.

thrusters (65/95)
pull ups

2 thoughts on “Monday 04/29/2013”

  1. Round 1: Front Squats
    20 unbroken @ 75 lbs
    [10 lbs heavier than last time]

    Round 2: Fran
    time: 10:30
    thrusters @ 55 lbs
    pull-ups [with red band]

  2. 1 round unbroken front squats at 95 lbs

    Fran time: 10:57
    thrusters @ 65 lbs
    pull-ups [with red band]

    Slower than my record of 6:53 but I’m sure I did it then with the purple band…still working on my pull ups. Did the first set of thrusters unbroken until 16, should’ve kept going! Didn’t break on the last set. I still love thrusters 🙂

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