Incredible Accomplishment! 100lbs gone in 7 months

To start off, a simple post on our Facebook page and website does not even come close to congratulating an accomplishment like this. However, it is a start!

Granite State Fitness would like to congratulate Roger Ramirez for his outstanding transformation! Roger has now officially lost 100lbs since May 2012. His hard work and dedication to eating Paleo and working his ass off here with Fitness has paid off. ABC has TV shows that are nationally televised documenting peoples lives who need help changing and dedicating themselves making these kinds of transformations. This is usually done over a year time frame with a trainer living at your house. Roger did this on his own in 7 months time! My point again, is that this post is in no way the kind of recognition I think he deserves!!

I want to thank him for making my job as a coach/owner of Granite State Fitness so rewarding. His positive and supporting attitude here in our box is what this all about! This is why I love this business!

Thank you Roger and congratulations!

7 thoughts on “Incredible Accomplishment! 100lbs gone in 7 months”

  1. Matt, Thank you! And it is my pleasure, I love working out there and being apart of this community. Everyone at GSCF inspires me.

  2. Roger!!!! That is amazing! Congrats from the bottom of my heart! I want to say how proud I am of you and how you make me wanna keep at it! Keep up the amazing work!! You truly are an inspiration to us all! 🙂

  3. Roger, to say you inspiration is an under statement for sure. I’m inspired by everyone I’ve met at GSCF in the past month but seeing the kind of results that you’ve achieved really puts the butt-kicking workouts in perspective. Congratulations and I hope to be working out with you well into the future.

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