Friday 05/10/2013


1. Strength
work up to a 1 rep max Deadlift

2. conditioning

50 walking lunges w/ 45/25 held overhead
50 burpees

8 thoughts on “Friday 05/10/2013”

  1. Jenifer Bechtol

    Deadlift: 110 (up from 85)

    30 min – started with 10lb weight finished w/ zero weight
    110 burpees – could not finish had to leave for work

    Thanks Kelly for pushing us!

  2. Jennifer Wheeler

    1 rep max deadlift: 155lbs

    Due to knee issues I had to do a completely different workout.

    4 rounds of….

    50 good mornings with training bar
    25 pistols on the box
    25 push ups

    Thank you for being so versatile. I’m so glad I went.

  3. Round 1:
    185 lb. deadlift [PR up from 135!]

    Round 2:
    24:26 @ RX [ that was hard and, like hitting your head against the wall, felt so good when you stopped]

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