What did you eat today?


How well did you fuel your Ferrari today?

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This will be an ongoing blog everyday. I am going to add links etc. to help you out. To start be honest and put down what you ate. I am going to do this too!

Here is the CF Journal Meal plan entry that explains the zone and provides a cheat sheet on how to use it.


4 thoughts on “What did you eat today?”

  1. Meal 1: 8am 6 eggs 3 whole 3 whites 4 1/2 zone blocks of protein
    2 apples 4 blocks of carbs
    4 tblspn of almond butter 10 zone blocks of fat.
    (oops to much fat) I love almond butter
    Meal 2: 1Pm (note should have squeezed in another meal at 11am)
    2 chicken sausages 5 blocks of protein
    1 medium sweet potato 3 blocks of carb
    1/2 apple 1 block of carb
    1 cup of broccoli 1 block of carb
    10ml of fish oil

  2. So I haven’t been measuring but I realized today that I’m probably eating too much protein!
    Meal 1: 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage, 1 apple, almond butter
    Meal 2: 1 can tuna, 1 hard boiled egg, 4 cups of romaine lettuce with 1 cup of carrots, vidalia onion dressing, 1 plum

    I have a couple of goals to really start measuring my food, I almost put 2 cans of tuna but that would’ve been 52g of protein (26 per can). Today I start to pay more attention to zone and balancing my meals. I love almond butter and probably spread way too much on my apple this morning.

  3. I will preface this by saying we are leaving for vacation in two days so we have no food in our house. Don’t judge. 🙂

    7:00AM – Smoothie (peanut butter, banana, almond milk, protein powder)

    9:00AM – Handful of almonds

    12:30PM – 3/4 cup of soup (vegetable broth, broccoli, sweet potato, white beans, shallot, spices) & chocolate chip cookie (made of chickpeas, oats, chocolate chips, maple syrup and other baking junk… but no flour or refined sugar.)

    3:00PM – Clementine

    5:00PM – 5 gluten free crackers with sunbutter

    8:30PM – 1/2 cup of cheerios with sliced strawberries and almond milk

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