Herculean Effort!


Fantastic effort by everyone today! One thing that I want to note that makes me love what I do. I saw someone today fight with everything to not give up, to keep going and finish today’s WOD. It is so easy to say “I am not good at these damn “double unders, so I am going to switch to singles” Or say why the the hell do I do this? etc. That goes for so many different exercises that we do….but then she finished and the first thing she said was “I am getting better at them” That right that there made my day!

Yes, this shit is hard! and when you think you want to quit and give up, the one thing I want you to always ask yourself, “Am I better then yesterday”?

So great job today Laura!!!!

Coach Matt

PS this was the only photo I could find of you. In the back ground of a picture. What the hell haha

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