Good Afternoon GSCF

With the weather forecast stating that the next blizzard of 78′ is hitting us. We will cancel all afternoon WODs and elements classes for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

A couple more announcements.

1. This is the last week of the Paleo challenge. It is a tight race with a 4 way tie going into the last few days. This is going to come down to performance on “Cindy” and before and after pictures. “Cindy” will be scheduled on the 12th. So rest up those torn hands! Keep up the great work.

2. Those that are finishing up elements. All we have left is day 9 which is the same as day 8. More Olympic lifting practice. With new elements sessions beginning next week I am going to give you all one extra day for your free week and let you start in on classes. We give a ton of instruction during classes that you will be fine to start by not having that last day. Any questions please call or email. Anyone that missed more days than just day 9 come talk to me on your next class and we will schedule time to review the movements. You all did great. Remember we will help you in the classes. We do not expect you to remember everything.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend.

GSCF Staff

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