2012 GSCF Holiday Throwdown

Here we go!!!!!

Team 1 Ryan Serrina Tyler P.
Team 2 Court Lauren Jerico
Team 3 Kelly Tim M. Shawna
Team 4 Melissa Dayne Tejas
Team 5 Bea Brian Angie
Team 6 Rebekah Myke Tim S.
Team 7 Carley Greg Jon
Team 8 Steff Tyler S. Roger
Team 9 John Rod Lisa
Team 10 Rashid Harison Kim
Team 11 Kerri Scott Steve


WOD1 Fitness Total

Each team member will have only 3 attempts to reach there 1RM of:
strict press
Dead lift
We will score the total each team members best attempts.

50 Kb swings 53/35
40 wall ball (20/14)
30 hand release push UPS
20 sledge hammers
10 thrusters (95/65)
For time.

athlete A. starts, athlete B can not start until athlete A. is done with wall balls. Athlete C. can not start till athlete B. is done with wall balls. Each athlete must wait till the other in front is done to begin. Time stops when athlete C. Finishes.

WOD3 25 minute limit
75 Ground to shoulder (anyway you can get it up there) (135/95)
75 box jumps 24/20
75 pull ups
75 SDHP 95/65
75 burpees
4k row

All three athletes can work at the same time, however one must be rowing at all times until the 4k is complete. Progress can not be made if someone is off the rower. You must complete all 75 reps of each exercise to move on to the the next exercise. If a team happens to complete all reps before time expires but the row is not finished time will continue until row is done. Once row is finished only two athletes can work at a time.

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