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Granite State Fitness
Welcome To
Granite State Fitness

Welcome To Granite State Fitness

Granite State Fitness is located at 880 Page st Manchester. Since 2011, Granite State Fitness has evolved from a single focus Fitness only facility to really making our focus on our concise mission: “make our clients fit beyond expectation.” The result is an amazing gym with world class facilities, programs for beginners and experts, talented Coaches and a fun, welcoming community of members.

At GSF , we thrive on the amazing physical transformations of our every-day members who come to us to lose weight, get strong, train for an event, or simply improve their health, including first-time exercisers, weekend warriors, grandparents, stay-at-home parents, and students. And, we celebrate and learn from the incredible achievements of the many competitive athletes who also train with us.




<h3>Fitness in Manchester</h3>

Fitness in Manchester

Our process is simple. We need to start you with personal training or a step down and start you in our beginning 6 week boot camp. How we determine this is based on your fitness level and overall goal.

<h3>Personal training in Manchester</h3>

Personal training in Manchester

To directly train for our Bootcamp program Specific training program geared directly to you. You will complete a series of one on one sessions 5-15 depending on level of Fitness

<h3>Bootcamp in Manchester</h3>

Bootcamp in Manchester

A six-week program geared towards giving you the visible, attainable, and sustainable results you want.18 Live Workouts,Bonus workouts,Nutrition advice,Supplement advice,Easy, yet challenging, physical training,Better booty,Cool peeps,Mentally stronger,& the whole “Look Better Naked” thing