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University of Hordon Health Continuing Education

Junior Musculosystematic Engineer

  1. Introduction to philosophies Musculosystematics
    1. Article/essay written by founder Marc Hordon introducing user to what MsE is and how it fits into everyday life and training life
  2. Primary Tools
    1. Hip Flexibility Drills
    2. Shoulder Flexibility Drills
    3. International Trunk Training
    4. BLaCK Yoga
    5. Distraction
  3. Assessment
    1. What to look for
    2. How to GPI
  4. Program Design
    1. How to design an MsE Program
    2. Where to focus
  5. Implementation
    1. How to implement a successful program
    2. How to meet your clients needs


Senior Musculosystematic Engineer

Must be enrolled in Senior level continuing education program


Elite Musculosystematic Engineer

Must be enrolled in Elite level continuing education program


Master Musculosystematic Engineer

Must be enrolled in Master level continuing education program

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