​Inspired by the dynamic movements of surfing & designed to sculpt a lean physique. Our programs incorporate the physical movements of the sport as well as the adventurous spirit of surfing for a comprehensive exercise routine that combines fat burn, lean muscle build & extreme balance training into one.

Surf and Turf: Half Surf / Half Boot Camp – This is the ultimate workout. 20 minutes of high energy SurfSet intervals followed with 20 minutes of a boot camp sweatfest. 45 minute session.

SurfSet – Balance, Core and Strengthening: 40 minutes of balance, core and strengthening on the board. Back to back exercises with little to know rest to keep you challenged and your heart rate up.

This specialty programs is the very best cross training tool for all fitness levels and ages.

  • Get a Surfers physique without the sand!
  • Total body workout based on the surfing philosophy
  • Burn ~800 calories per class
  • Strength, Core, Cardio & Balance
  • This workout is for all fitness levels

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