Fit For Life Fitness

What is Fitness?  Well that is a great question.  Why do you exercise?

Look good Naked


Mind body and soul

Loose weight

Gain lean and strong

Keep up with your kids

The Fitness methodology is simple.  It is designed to train you to be fit enough for whatever life throws at you.  How you ask?  Well, by taking principles that have been around for decades and constantly varying them so your body is continually exposed to different environments that it has to overcome and adapt.

How are we different?

How Our Gym Gets you “Fit For Life”

Getting you fit is a step-by-step process, one we have taken more than 5 years to develop and perfect.

  1. Our process is simple. We need to start you with personal training or a step down and start you in our beginning 6 week boot camp. How we determine this is based on your fitness level and overall goal.  This ensures you have the proper training toward your specific goals.  We then can properly provide the correct scales , progressions and programming for you to start successful in our group class.
  2. Coach for Life! Once you are in class we have a coach stick with you for life.  Our system knows where you are, at all times in the this journey and your coach will be there to feed the ongoing programming and guidance you will need to continue to achieve goals.
  3. Hybrid memberships-depending on the guidance and programming we can customize your membership to fit any need.
  4. Specialty Programs and continuous personal training options to keep working on holes in your fitness.


Fit For Life BootCamp

This is a low-impact, high fun class designed to help you burn calories, strengthen and tighten your muscles. A pure jump start to getting you in shape .  You’ll be indoor and outdoor.  In our BootCamp class you’ll also spend time working on mobility and flexibility movements, coupled with core strength exercises. And, our experienced coaches will be able to teach you how to tailor each workout to you, your age, and your specific abilities. We utilize very simple benchmarking so you can see real results fast

What you can expect?

A six-week program geared towards giving you the visible, attainable, and sustainable results you want.

  • 3 days per week
  • Bonus take home workouts
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Supplement advice
  • Easy, yet challenging, physical training
  • Better booty
  • Lots of cool people
  • Mentally stronger
  • & the whole “Look Better Naked” thing


Personal Training

Don’t enjoy the group thing? Well we know that not all do.  We also know that sometimes, one-on-one sessions is just what is needed. At Granite State Fitness we have many of the most experienced, and most knowledgable coaches in the area.  We’ve been coaching Fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility and nutrition for more than 15years. Our Coaches practice what they preach and are prepared to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your goals in fitness, strength and nutrition.

  • Ease your way into Fitness on your schedule. Our foundations program
  • Olympic Lifts.
  • Nutrition
  • Gymnastic skill work
  • Customized program s (athletes, weight loss, muscle gain)

All of our Coaches are available for one-on-one sessions


Membership/Prices Tab

Foundations One on one training

65 per hour

299.00 5 sessions paid in full



39.00 to enlist

6 week program


Fit For Life Fitness

Group Training Options and Prices

Bronze Membership includes 2 PT sessions per year
$165 monthly (CC )$160 monthly (ACH)
$810 6 months paid in full
$1530 1 year paid in full

Silver Membership includes 6 PT sessions per year
$175 monthly
$945 6 months paid in full
$1785 1 year paid in full

Gold membership includes 12 PT sessions per year
$200 monthly
$1080 6 months paid in full
$2040 1 year paid in full

Platinum membership includes 48 pt sessions per year.
$375 monthly
$2025 6 months paid in full
$3825 1 year paid in full

**Discounts are available for first responders, teachers, nurses, police , fire and military

Check insurance carriers for fitness reimbursements as well.

Personal Training

65 per hour

299.00 five sessions

550.00 10 sessions

Custom options also available