Additional Classes


Welcome one of our newest classes “Blood Sweat and Gears”

Cycling (AKA Spinning which is a trademark name) at GSCF is a cardiovascular, butt kicking workout that will take you on a ride for your life.

You will ride to the beat of some bumpin music which provides a killer class atmosphere. This 60 minute class can burn upwards to 900 calories!
The intensity varies throughout the class, thanks to changing up your body position, pedal speed, and resistance. And get ready to listen up: Our instructors yell out instructions to imitate a real ride of climbs, sprints, and coasts.


Looking for something new to add to your fitness routine?? Burn calories while you build muscle at our new Barre class. This workout is derived from a routine put together by an injured ballet dancer. By combining her moves from both her rehab and dance routines she was able to keep her body strong while healing her injuries at the same time. Benefits of the Barre workout include improved posture, stress relief, strengthened core and enhanced mobility, flexibility and balance. Using tiny isometric movements to target specific muscle groups and working them until failure we will fire up your metabolism and develop muscle tone and strength through out your whole body while still being kind to the body and avoiding tearing muscles and bulking up. This workout includes movements from Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. No previous experience is necessary, we will always show modifications as each persons body moves differently. This class is excellent for any fitness level and a great combination to your current routine or even alone while you ease yourself back into a new routine. You’ll also find a better mind-body connection helping you to target underdeveloped muscles providing overall better health and a greater quality of daily life. You will stand taller and appear more confident. A strong core and good flexibility will also prevent future injuries allowing us to enjoy life to the fullest.


Yes, we offer a very zen full experience here as well. Work on your flexibility, inner peace, mind and body!

Therapeutic Massage

Having a healthy lifestyle takes hard work, time and energy. You need to have a healthy diet, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  As we know, this is hard to balance with your day to day stresses.  Of course we help with all of the above areas but we also can aid in relieving that stress that you continually place on your self.


Sore muscles?

Need stress relief?

Maggie Dumars (LMT) specializes in Therapeutic massage and Sports Massage. Book an appointment today.


15 minutes = $20

30 minutes = $40

60 minutes = $70


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